Headway Group team members have honed their industry valued expertise in the executive search and recruitment research realm at some of Canada’s top-tier organizations. With experience placing candidates across multiple industries, functional areas, levels, organizational structures and cultures, Headway Group truly believes that hiring the right candidates begins and ends with a well-planned and executed talent attraction strategy.

Our Team

Tracy Posner

Building on her experience in agency, executive search and internal talent acquisition, placing candidates from entry level to boards, Tracy co-founded Headway Group motivated by her desire to deliver a quality hiring experience.

Catherine Graham

Building on her foundation as a business researcher and executive search consultant, Catherine co-founded Headway Group, motivated by her belief that hiring the right people begins with a targeted research strategy.


Adam Halpern

Building on his earlier career as an award-winning writer, producer and director in the Canadian broadcasting industry, Adam joined Headway Group, motivated to apply his research skills to the process of finding and attracting high caliber talent.